Branded content

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Today the most powerful advertising campaigns focus on putting emotion as the key to connecting people with companies.

Brand content, also called branded content, is a marketing technique that consists of creating content related to a brand with the aim of generating a connection with the audience by focusing on its values instead of its products or services. .
It is designed mainly to transmit values, emotions, less tangible elements but with correctly constructed storytelling they can be able to generate that connection without them directly feeling that the objective is the sale.
In other words, branded content focuses on creating a positive emotion in people in relation to a brand, leaving sales in the background. That is, it does not seek conversions but rather to build loyalty and create memory in the target audience.

Advantages of branded content

Some of the benefits of branded content compared to other marketing and advertising strategies:

  • It is not an intrusive strategy, as it seeks to reach the audience naturally, inviting them to get closer and relate to the brand.
  • Creates an emotional connection between brands and people, appealing to feelings and generating empathy.
  • Increases the interaction levels of the target audience in different media.
  • Enhances brand positioning, visibility and brand recall among the target audience.
  • Generates engagement and contributes to creating a community of consumers committed to the brand.

A clear example corresponds to the personal care product brand Dove. This is a video for their “Dove Self-Esteem Project” campaign. Its goal was to show how women perceive and judge themselves in relation to their appearance.
The brand addresses a topic that is very present in women’s daily lives. Without a doubt, the campaign was very successful in positioning the brand.