Háblalo App – Inclusion in Tech

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As indicated in its profile on the social network X: @HablaloApp, it is an APP to assist people with communication difficulties. It was created by @asteroidtech and can be downloaded for free on your mobile phone.

Háblalo is a solution developed by Asteroid, an Argentine company that, using technology, works to promote inclusion and break down the barriers that prevent a better quality of life for its users.
The application translates what the user wants to express into an audible format and then converts what the interlocutor responds orally into text. In addition, it allows you to highlight the text heard, increase or decrease the lyrics and even consult the history of written phrases.

Its creator Mateo Salvatto and his entire team are very clear that accessibility is the possibility of providing opportunities of equal status to people with communicative disabilities so that they can function and integrate into the contexts of daily life.

With experience they have devised a disruptive business model: Háblalo for Business.
It is a service for organizations that allows private companies and public institutions to provide more adapted services and be more inclusive. The examples of its usefulness are as broad as we can imagine: from bank headquarters, pharmacies, sports stadiums, hospitals, public transportation, museums, universities, airports, etc.

This tool has improved the lives of more than 350,000 people around the world, 100% free, without an Internet connection and in 59 languages. Also helping their families, collaborators, teachers and directors of special institutions, therapeutic assistants and all the people who are part of their daily lives.

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